Narn Heavy Cruiser Model
Michael Stetson has used Lightwave to construct a 3D model of the Narn heavy cruiser. Since he doesn't have a web site at the moment, I'm hosting this page on my site so you can see the great rendering of the model below.
You can contact the author by E-mail. The model is available on the LightROM CD.


Narn Heavy Cruisers on Patrol
(146 KB JPEG)

A rendering using the final version of the model.

Narn Heavy Cruiser Rendering
(140 KB JPEG)

This is a rendering of an earlier version of the model. Note the plain red surfaces on the 'bridge' over the central part of the cruiser.

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Michael Stetson also made a model of the Earth Alliance Omega Class Destroyer.

Thanks to Mateen Greenway <> for pointing this model out to me.

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